How to choose a good partner for pharmaceutical packaging

How to choose a good partner for pharmaceutical packaging

Characteristics of a pharmaceutical packaging partner

In the pharmaceutical industry, selecting the appropriate partner for pharmaceutical packaging is critical. Patient safety depends on meticulous regulation and rigorous controls throughout the supply chain.

In this article, we will identify three fundamental considerations for pharmaceutical companies when selecting a packaging manufacturer: a demonstrated commitment to ethics and sustainability, a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements and, above all, a focus on efficient packaging design to optimize production costs and timelines.

An eye on sustainability

Sustainability is a central element to consider when choosing a partner for pharmaceutical packaging. This aspect was previously undervalued but is now of increasing importance.

Packaging suppliers, especially those dealing with paper and cardboard, should be interested in innovations to create eco-friendly packaging. Around 80% of resource waste comes from producing non-sustainable packaging, which has a significant environmental impact due to waste accumulation and disposal in the ecosystem. To stay competitive in the market, companies are adopting advanced eco-design criteria to develop eco-friendly packaging solutions in line with environmental labeling regulations and packaging lifecycle. Staying up-to-date on this trend is crucial.

There is a growing concern among consumers about sustainability, as demonstrated by recent surveys that indicate how this factor influences their purchasing decisions.
Therefore, companies that demonstrate innovation and responsiveness to market trends not only reduce their environmental impact but also improve their economic results by optimizing resources, resulting in cost savings in some operations.

In the pharmaceutical packaging sector, innovation is closely linked to material sustainability and eco-friendly approaches of manufacturers. Companies are investing in packaging solutions that are easy to dispose of, customizable, and accessible to everyone as a part of their market differentiation strategy and corporate social responsibility. Collaborating with a partner who shares the same ethical standards means relying on trustworthy manufacturers who add value to the product.

Regulatory compliance

When evaluating a partner for pharmaceutical packaging, industry experience and team competence are key factors that can be assessed through direct partner knowledge and achieved quality certifications.
The pharmaceutical sector is subject to complex regulations concerning drug safety, transparency, traceability, and packaging disposal. The packaging partner must implement a quality system that complies with the highest standards set by reference regulatory authorities. For example, GMP and internationally recognized ISO standards.

Packaging manufacturers should have full knowledge of regulations and comply with market-required quality standards to minimize risks associated with labeling errors, inappropriate packaging, and potential contamination. This helps to avoid high economic, time-related, and reputational costs associated with production and distribution slowdowns, as well as regulatory sanctions for non-compliance.

Optimization of packaging supply chain

Packaging companies provide a variety of services, including primary and secondary packaging, as well as modern solutions such as complex packaging material kits.
It is important to understand that a packaging company must be able to adapt to the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry, which is characterized by an extremely delicate and complex supply and packaging chain.

A reliable and trustworthy business partner must be flexible and adaptable to different stages and changes in the supply chain, and adopt a holistic approach to packaging. This involves a complete and integrated view of the packaging lifecycle, from material sourcing to disposal, considering these variables from the earliest design stages. This approach enables the company to create packaging solutions that are functional throughout the logistics chain, optimize transportation and storage costs, streamline control processes, and are also functional in the hands of the end consumer. Tailor-made solutions, aligned with the specific needs of the client, can only be provided through a detailed analysis of each phase of the packaging process and a thorough knowledge of the associated criticalities.

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